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Sleeping with the enemy

The Lib Dems have jumped into bed with the enemy… what’s left to happen!!!


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Hung Parliament

We have a hung parliament. I didn’t expect it to happen but it did. Now, ironically, even though Lib Dem lost they have the wielding power now. I’m sure that Nick Clegg is wise enough to know that whoever he helps get into power is going to kick him out. I think that he should side with Labour now because a Tory rule would be a mistake.

The main issue I feel is that lots of people weren’t allowed to exercise their right to vote. When it was clear that there were so many people who couldn’t vote they should have re-opened the ballot box. What was the point in complaining about apathy in the electorate when you don’t even let them vote when they actually wanted to!

I think that this is an outrage; that in a so called democratic country, a person can’t even vote!

Whether or not a hung parliament will last.. i’m not so sure. It didn’t work before and I don’t think that it will work now. My focus now is to hope that the Conservatives don’t get into power. We may be facing another election sooner than we think!

This is an outraged Alisha blogging off!

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The Final debate

The competition was high in the last leaders debate! Take the poll and let me know who you think is ‘on top’ for you…

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The 2nd Leaders debate

There was slander, panic and mayhem on the 2nd leader’s debate. Read more to find out what was said and what was just plain outrageous! 😉

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Cameron, Nick or Brown?

This Post looks at the exciting FIRST EVER political debate. Read more to find out about unexpected freudian slips and the battle field that is the election…

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How will Alisha vote?

In the battle for the nations next leader I decided to see who could win my most important vote. I am going to look at how the parties and their leaders try to get my attention and what mediums they use to do this. By the end of this journey I will, hopefully, be able to reveal who I will vote for, or indeed, who I actually voted for.

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