Election Night After 10

May 6, 2010 Alisha
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Well… THAT’S IT!!! It’s all over! There is nothing no-one can do now. All the discussions and all of the questions come down to this one sheet of paper. Now we just have to wait and see if what we feel and think will actually come true. In some ways it’s a bit like a fantasy; we know what happy ending we want… but will we get it?

I did it; I voted for Liberal Democrats and exercised my right to vote! Will it make a difference? Well we can only wait now. There was no option to vote for the RESPECT party but that didn’t matter. I had decided that it was best to vote for one of the three main parties but my vote wasn’t all logical. I voted for the one I liked out of the three main parties, in the hope that change will occur.

On my way home I could see families sat around their TV’s and it wasn’t the election results that people were eagerly waiting for… it was the alternative election night on Channel 4! I myself am watching it, I suppose I feel that I have done all that I can now; I can’t change anything, so I might aswell enjoy myself. I will find out who won whether I watch the live results or not. I will flick from channel to channel occasionally just to keep an eye on the results.

How did you all vote? Did anything that happened in the run up to the election impact your vote at all? Did the internet play any role in your decision?

This is an anxious Alisha blogging off! 😉


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