The Final debate

May 1, 2010 Alisha
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The last leaders’ debate, in my opinion was shameful. The tensions were high and you could see the competition between the leaders. As far as who came on top in that debate? I’m really not sure, I think that Clegg managed to keep his cool more than the other two but I was both amused and shocked at the goings on! Brown shook his head so much that I felt that it was going to fall off and David just seemed quite slimy.

I think there is such a thing as trying too hard and I think that this was one of those occasions where the leaders were trying too much! The slander was at its highest yesterday; the leaders called each other liars and cheats and the two main leaders acted as if Nick Clegg wasn’t even there. To be honest, I was wondering myself why he was there, he didn’t really get to say much. It looked as though the presenter had forgotten aswell; he occasionally realised and then asked him what he thought.

I think that Nick played it well last night. Whilst the other two were bickering, he used the opportunity to keep referring back to the member of the audience; he constantly mentioned how the other two were ‘starting up again’ and ‘here we go again,’ combining this with, ‘let’s actually answer what was being asked;’ well played Nick.

As far as Brown’s mishap, well, it was just that, a mishap! People have opinions and we need to realise exactly that, that he is human! He apologised and didn’t know he was being recorded at the time. He was right to apologise and then he personally went to the women and apologised to her for about half an hour. I can understand that there is a certain expectation from a person in charge but to be honest, it worked to his favour in a sense that we know exactly what he thinks. We know that he isn’t at least a racist like Nick Griffin and what his opinion is about certain things. It helps me to put a little bit more trust in him and I know that there are some other people that feel the same.

Who do you think is on top after this last debate? Take the poll and let me know! Was there even any point? To be honest, in this last one I was drifting in and out, I couldn’t focus. They just stated the same things over and over again! The same questions were asked and the same answers were given! I also noticed something very silly; most won’t have even noticed… Nick Clegg was put in the middle of the three twice, Cameron once, Brown… none! I thought that would have all been given a chance to take centre stage? Maybe this was indicative of what the polls are saying? This is Alisha blogging off! 😉


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