The 2nd Leaders debate

April 27, 2010 Alisha
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I would like to start with a question; what was the hype and publicity around the debate being in HD? Did it matter? Was it in some way linked to the parties’ policies? Did seeing the individual pores and sweat drops entice me? Did I want to see the spit showers and real life wrinkles of the politicians?

Maybe this all links back to the idea that politics in Britain are becoming americanised. We are all so focused on how everything looks now that we are forgetting the true essence of politics. Eventhough this seems to be the case, they still managed to bring some politics and policies into the show.

I think that the initial teething problems that the politicians were facing in the first debate have truly gone. The leaders looked much more calm and confident in their gestures and speech. Nick Clegg (who looks like Peter from the dragon’s den) was very confident. He spent most of the debate looking at the camera; I must admit, for that brief period of time it felt as though he was talking directly to me! Tactic? Maybe.  Mr Brown (aka Mr potato head) looked very confident and was clear and passionate in what he said. Personally I think that he came out on top in this debate. Then again I would expect him to; after all this was his forte.

I thought Cameron did the worst. There’s just something that’s not quite right, something I can’t put my finger on! Perhaps it was the embarrassment of having a chicken shot at him? Or perhaps the fact that he had egg on his face? 😉 (Pardon the pun.) Although this happened to him I think he did handle himself quite well when he said, ‘At least now I know what came first…the chicken or the egg.’ Now all he needed was someone to shot an oxo cube at him and some potatoes and he would have himself the perfect roast dinner! 🙂 Jokes aside; he should have done better, his background after all is Public Relations!

Now, the EU was one of the main debates in this programme. I personally don’t see what the difference is; in or out, they don’t listen to anything the EU has to say either way! BUT…America has been known to withdraw its services from its ‘allies’ and for this reason I think Britain should be careful of its choice. Does it really have the choice to leave the EU? I think proximity alone is a good enough reason to stay with the EU. Britain is a small Island and as they say… no man is an Island. We can’t survive on our own; we don’t have enough resources to sustain ourselves. We need trade and import/export to continue the way we are. It’s a very dangerous game to have no allies; we need the backup, especially with the amount of fights we keep picking with countries around the world! :-/ It’s the lesser of two evils; which it would seem this WHOLE election is based on!

Speaking of the lesser of two evils…

Brown talked about an all welcoming nation and prided himself on being a part of a country where all religions, ethnicities and cultures lived side by side. He also talked about his satisfaction with the country’s ‘tolerant’ nature. Is this true? If he, along with the others, felt this way can someone please explain to me why on earth the representative for Britain in the EU is the BNP?! Infact, why are the BNP allowed to even run as candidates for ANYTHING? The country bans other ‘extremist’ groups from having their say, so why has the BNP been given an open platform to spread their racist views? Is it just a case of stopping other cultures and religions from having their say? I believe that all parties should be just and fair and that there is NO place for people who bread violence and hatred; whether that be an extreme Christian or Muslim group or a right wing white supremacist group like the BNP!

I agreed with a point that Nick Clegg made; we need to have a more two sided relationship with America. At the moment it is just a case of America saying ‘jump’ and us responding with ‘how high?’ I don’t see this to be, as Gordon Brown put it, Anti-American. I think Brown went off into his own little world then. It reminded me of the Anti-Semitic argument. I read a book recently called ‘The Israel Lobby’ by Measheimer and Walt. The book talked about how the Jews use the strategy of calling people Anti-Semitic when they said anything against them or Israel; it’s kind of like playing the race card! 🙂

I think that there is a smear campaign going on against Nick Clegg. The bickering between the two parties is still there but I think that they have taken a united front against Nick. I don’t think they expected him to pose as much of a threat as he is and therefore, two sworn enemies have come together in one big effort to make Clegg look bad! Even the presenter through in the comment randomly about him being in the paper! It was a bit odd because he did just drop it in their in the middle of someone’s question and it had NO relevance what so ever! Hum…quite funny :-).

Things are starting to heat up! Where does your vote lie? Waiting for your comments… this is Alisha blogging off! 😉


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