Cameron, Nick or Brown?

April 17, 2010 Alisha
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Firstly, for my recent absence I would like to apologise. Much like the candidates for the election, I have promised you more and given you nothing. Due to recent events I have not been able to keep you all as up-to-date as I would have liked, I recently had a procedure on my eye which left me unable to see, but fear not, although this was the case the other eye was not blind to the politicians and their games.

I told you in my last blog that I would talk about the Americanisation of politics, but I believe that the recent 90 minute programme with the party leaders should be first on the agenda, so, without further ado…

Although a lot of politics was talked about in this programme I couldn’t help but notice some of the hiccups, the main one being that of China. I sat and watched the programme with my family and shocked them with my outburst. I sat and shouted out ‘China?’ at the screen much to everyone’s amazement. China? How could he mention China? China are the allies of Britain, and in one Freudian slip, Cameron made our allies into a potential nuclear threat on National television.

Now in terms of the actual ‘politics’ side of things I think that the usual happened; ‘we should do this and we need to look at this,’ but it seemed to me that the only person who actually said, ‘we will do this’ is Mr Nick Clegg.

Nick looked nervous at the beginning, as did all the leaders, but I think that he came into his own very quickly; he answered questions as they came and didn’t try to slander the opposition. As for Cameron and Brown, they were too busy trying to get one up on each other to actually answer what the public was asking. The women in the audience who was concerned about her home town and the burglaries didn’t get much response from the two leading parties apart from ‘we already do this’ and we ‘advised that this should be done,’ Nick Clegg however said with confidence that, ‘we are to put 3,000 more police on the streets by getting rid of ID cards,’ which he felt were completely unnecessary, as do I. To be honest, ID cards do not make us safer, I personally feel they have the opposite effect, now when someone looses their ‘ID card,’ they don’t risk losing a little bit of money through credit cards, or face paying for a new passport, without their ‘ID cards’ they cease to exist!

In response to this lady, Nick Clegg also talked about how we should, ‘stop the youth becoming the hardened criminals of tomorrow.’ Cameron said (in response to Nick Clegg) that we should also give the teachers the opportunity to discipline the students and Brown simply said that the parents should take responsibility for their children. Now, they are all fair points and I agree with them all but you can’t expect the parents to take responsibility when you have taken the right away from them to even discipline their own children, and you can’t expect the teachers to discipline them when the kids aren’t used to any discipline (because they aren’t getting any from home) and lastly, you can’t stop the youth of today from becoming the hardened criminals of tomorrow when the parents aren’t even allowed to say Boo to their kids. The point here, if you haven’t already realised, is that the parents need to be given back the right to discipline their children; a little bit of discipline never hurt anyone and after all, we learn our morals and values from those around us. There are the exception, as the old Asian proverb says ‘from bad comes good and good comes bad,’ but this is a good starting point!

As far as Mr Brown is concerned, at running the risk of sounding completely un-intellectual, he just reminds me of Mr Potato head everytime I look at him. He has tried his best to be funny and to feel what the people feel but he just isn’t a leader. The reason that Blair did so well was because he had charm and flair (I still dislike him), Brown just doesn’t. As for Mr Cameron, he is trying sooo hard to be Blair that you lose sight of the fact that he is actually a ‘Tory.’ Nick Clegg is also Blair, but he has managed to make it his own, he looks the right part and he acts like he is a potential threat to each of the party leaders.

So far, it seems to be the Lib Dems that are the ‘honest’ party, from the programme ‘ask the chancellor’ to the programme in discussion, they have seemed to win the public’s affection, will this last? I’m not sure. Maybe we should finally give the Liberal Democrats a chance, I mean, we have tried our luck with the other two; how bad could they be?

Did anyone else watch these 90 minutes of pure entertainment? What were your impressions? Who did you think came on top? Has the programme changed your opinion in anyway? Would anything that the parties do or say now change or sway your vote in any way? Or is your vote set in stone now no matter what?

Look forward to hearing from you all, this is Alisha blogging off!


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  • 1. mohammad  |  April 20, 2010 at 11:56 am

    I dont think I agree with the fact that lib dem are the most honest party! I am very sure that had they been in power, they would have followed the same regime as torries and labour! Nick did not seem very confident during the debate and I found him repeating same sentences over and over again specially when asked regarding security!

    I particularly dislike the fact that Libdems are trying to stop the child trust fund! It was a big support to many families and will result in their lifes being deeply effected!

    I like the fact that Libdem are aiming towards tax free 10,000 income for people who start work but as a result there will be more taxes on people who are already working which to be honest is exactly what Labour and Torries will do!

    Lastly Nick said he wants to increase Government spending on Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The same promise as Labour and Torries. Which to be honest is pathetic!!! More and more youngsters and losing their lives in Afghanistan More and more families are being destroyed as a result of losing young kids!! The promise I hoped for was to put an end to this madness!! there is nothing to be achieved by keeping british troops in afghanistan!!! But I guess I am asking for too much!!!


    • 2. Alisha  |  April 21, 2010 at 12:50 am

      Well Mohammad, it seems like you are not at all convinced by Nick’s words! You are right though, he did repeat himself over and over again, but I have learnt to accept this age old game that is used by the politicians. They use every question to try and make their point; even if sometimes it doesn’t seem relevant. The fact of the matter is that we have to accept that all politicians are infact politicians; therefore we have to accept that everyone is out there for personal gain.

      I can understand your point about the child trust funds, all children get them and they are useful, but I do believe that people are overlooking the bigger picture; we are in a recession. It is easy for us to sit here and say that this shouldn’t be done and that shouldn’t happen but the truth is that someone needs to take action so that we can get out of the mess that the government has created! The child trust funds are good for the children’s future but unless we take action now they will be no future for them! Sacrifices are needed; in return he is helping families by taxing them less, which is going to give them in excess of £700 a year. This will give families help NOW, which is what we need. Sometimes we need to take emotion out of the equation when logic is needed.

      In regards to your final point about the armed forces… hum, well if memory serves me well the Lib Dem’s were the only party who said no to the war in the first place; surely that should count for something? The war on Afghanistan and Iraq is another debate and whether or not it would be right to take troops out or not is another very lengthy discussion. With regards to this blog, the crux of the problem for me is the fact that the government went in in the first place… despite our uproar! Maybe if we had voted for the Liberal Democrats a while back we wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in now? Can we really trust a government that didn’t listen to us when it mattered most? And the Conservative party was no better.
      Always appreciating your comments… Alisha.

  • 3. Jon  |  April 23, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Right as i said in my last post im not a big politics kinda guy, BUT, having seen a brief bit of some crazy politics program which involved a room full of ppl going “rabble, rabble, rabble” and watching Brown “arguing” with some other bloke about who was better (oh! i put arguing in “” because Brown actually sucks at it) it made me think, whoever or whatever Brown stands for is going to suck if its anything like he himself is, the man couldnt string a sentence together and all he did was wobble his cheeks and huff and puff, he stutters a lot too, now is it just me or if the man cant think of a few constructive sentences to come out with to help defend his party then said party is surely not gonna get many votes and definitely not my vote. The other bloke won that one imo so my advice to Brown is take some speech therapy classes learn how to properly use English and then come back and try again! Rant over!



    • 4. Alisha  |  April 24, 2010 at 2:47 pm

      Hi Jon, erm, i’m not sure which ‘other guy’ you are referring to? Nick Clegg or David Cameron? Either way I do agree that Brown has a lot of work to do in terms of his pitch and personality, but it’s not all about that; the policies are what really matter. I understand what you mean about the rabbling and fighting. It seems that the two main parties are too busy fighting with each other to actually pay attention to what it is the people want! Thanks again for your comments! Waiting to hear from you again… Alisha. 🙂

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